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Voice Skills for Communication & Performance

Music Composition

I write music in a number of different genres, specialising in instrumental soundtracks, as well as sound design for theatre and film. You can hear some of my work here.

I also write vocal pieces and songs, which are influenced by jazz, cabaret and music-theatre. This song is Tango Lament, which was featured in my music-theatre show The Insomnia Project.

I am a big fan of lifelong learning and have been working on my skills with online music training from Berklee Online and Pianogroove Jazz Piano training

Please contact me if you would like to talk about music or sound design for your project.

Musical Dramaturgy and Song Coaching

Are you working on a song for a show, an audition, or just for your own enjoyment ? Do you sometimes feel that your song is a bit elusive, and you’re not sure how to really “own” it?

I can work with you to discover how to really step into the shoes of the character in your song. Through detailed analysis of lyrics and the music score, you will get closer to the songwriters’ intention. Ask yourself: Who is the character in the song? How does the choice of chords and musical motifs help tell the story / set the mood etc.
How can you internalise the character’s story?

Are you looking for an “outside eye” to listen, give feedback, discuss musical phrasing, choice of dynamic levels, articulation, and the correct choice of key for your voice?

Do you know what you vocal range is? Have a look at this video:


I am a composer/songwriter and voice coach / theatre director for actors. I have written about 50 songs for theatre productions, and specialise in jazz, cabaret/music-theatre styles of songs.

I am currently studying singing with Kim Smith from

Here is one of Kim’s videos that I have found really helpful: The 3 Best Breathing Exercises for Singers

If you want to have a chat about your songs, and are interested to work with me, please contact me here to claim your FREE 30 minute consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

Voice Skills for Communication and Performance

I can help you make the most of your voice if you are working on a speech for an audition, or a presentation. I specialise in text work, breath techniques, mindset, body use, and articulation.

Warm-ups are a crucial part of preparation for performance or communication. Here is a voice warm-up from Stagemilk.
I am also able to offer specialised coaching for ESL speakers and international students, which includes pronunciation coaching and accent modification.

Please contact me for more information.