Natasha Moszenin

The Insomnia Project


Gallery 314, Richmond. October 28 – November 1, 2014

La Mama Courthouse, July 29 – August 9, 2015

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The Insomnia Project 2015 season trailer:


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Praise for Natasha’s previous work The Insomnia Project:

“The songs are heartfelt, moving, and very well-written “ — Melbourne Treats review

“The Insomnia Project is a truly unique work and one of the really outstanding shows this year. “ — Planet Arts Melbourne


Music from the project



Cast photo 2015


From L to R : Claire Nicholls, Andi Snelling, Jai Luke, Fiona Scarlett, Natasha Moszenin,

Audience Responses to The Insomnia Project:

I asked all our audience members for some feedback about the show, to gauge the level of engagement with the material. This was a very useful process, and I would like to thank John Paul Fischbach from Auspicious Arts Incubator

for suggesting that I do this. Audience members were asked resound to 2 questions:

1. Are there any moments from the show that you particularly remember ?

2. What has happened to you in terms of your intellectual and / or emotional response to the subject matter since the performance ?

Here are some of the responses:

” I distinctly remember the sombre mood of the song “In my Parents’ House” as it took me back to moments of my childhood and some anxious times.”

“the songs of course, the personifications of the medicines = v effective, esp  the male”

” I particularly recall the way the characters migrated to the different ‘sleeping’ locations, the girl’s soliloquy on the ramp and the comical moments which came as a kind of relief from the tension.”

I particularly remember most of the songs and thus I think it was a good idea to make the show a musical rather than a straight play. The focus on drugs towards the end also stuck with me, as it kept the subject matter realistic.”

“All of the music. “Extreme anxiety and hallucinations”. The whole exploration of sedatives / sleeping medication and repercussions.”

“Dear Natasha,

Thank you for the project and the detail you brought to the stage in bringing it to light.

I very much appreciated the use of time, in a Robert Wilson kind of sense- and noticed my fellow audience members squirming & writhing…There was a deep collective uncomfortability which was incredibly affecting. Well done.

The music was outstanding. It subverted the onstage action, continually playing with my expectations. “

” I had not quite appreciated how badly some suffered insomnia. Had no idea there were so many drugs. Seems to be a subject that deserves more study. I did not identify with any of the characters as I deal with my insomnia differently / have a more mild form! “

“I am thinking more and more that it all goes back to childhood. Our adult selves, with all of the trauma and the imperfections, are formed in childhood.”

The night after I saw the show I actually spent two hours awake in bed wondering when I’d get to sleep. Some of the songs were running through my head, so I actually had to reassure myself that I most likely did not have insomnia, but it certainly was an interesting experience following from the show. “

Photos from the show:

Second production July/August 2015

First production October/November 2014